* With seven 12 minute videos of guided breath, meditation & dance, plus daily coaching & guidance.
Start your day peaceful, empowered, playful & connected — Breathe Open to Extreme Radiance.

JULY 23 - 29 ~  MY GIFT TO YOU.
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"The Breath is Brilliant. It is the most powerful instrument you are born with to achieve emotional healing, profound peacefulness, joy, clarity & Divine connection with life, love, purpose & sex." ~ Jaitara

"I am celebrating myself. This is now the first thing I do for myself once I wake up and my husband just told me a few days ago how he has felt my energy and my happiness shift because of this. Thank you." - Veronique D.
"Thank you for the service you have and are providing to the world. Your B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Challenge is a blessing to all and an opportunity to explore the self at a deep level. Much Love." - Dr. Basia Durnas; Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer
JULY 23 - 29 ~  MY GIFT TO YOU.
* We will never send you useless emails and we deeply honor your time and privacy. 
Breathing Open...


Beloved woman, you are a powerful woman of influence. You get the job done and are used to being in control. Does letting go of control and surrendering feel really vulnerable for you? Feeling vulnerable can feel exposed and uncomfortable, which often causes you to hold back to protect yourself, even if it's being done on a subconscious level.

When you are holding back, you're holding back... period. It creates a veil that shields us from your full radiance. This holding back shows up in all areas of life: love, sexual intimacy and purpose, through your expression and your voice.

You're great at being there for others. Breathing Open is your time for you. When you start your day with Breathing Open, it creates a powerful ripple effect enhancing the rest of your day.

The Breathing Open videos take you to a space of peacefulness within minutes, even seconds. They raise your vibration to a space of feeling more joy, more energized, aligned and connected — an emanation of Extreme Radiance.  

Extreme Radiance is the state where your inner being is most at home. It is a reflection of your Divine Essence; where you're Powered by Bliss in your work & love life.where your Spirit Body aligns with your Sexual Body;

Sexual energy is the very root of our physical existence. It is our creative life force. It makes it possible to be a Spiritual Being having a physical experience. Just like a tree if your roots are constricted in any way, you can never express to your full potential.

This Series includes guidance on how to activate, ground, channel and be at peace within your roots... your sexual life force, feeling more powerful and confident in your vulnerability.

The more you show up to participate in this Series, the more you will receive from it. We have our own private Breathing Open Facebook group to connect with others, share your experience and receive support.

Each day I post a Facebook Live video, and give you daily action steps to anchor your results. If you choose to also watch the FB Live video and implement the action steps, you receive the maximum benefits. This is approximately a 45 minute daily commitment. Or if you're tight on time, you can just play along with the 12 minute Breathing Open videos. Either way, the results are powerful and effective.
Much love ~ Jaitara

Our daily intentions...
Day 1: B - Breath Awareness & Activation
Day 2: R - Reveal & Release 
Day 3: E - Ecstatic Self-Love
Day 4: A - Alignment
Day 5: T - Tribal Primal Expression 
Day 6: H - Harmonizing Feminine & Masculine 
Day 7: E - Embody Divine Integration

Check out what others say about working with Jaitara...
"Jaitara is a brilliant and is an amazing guide. Her generosity and joy and ability to share deeply and vulnerably about intimate topics in a way that shine a sacred light on all elements of life will touch you to your core and you will walk away with a whole new understanding of yourself and those around you, based in compassion and love, and it is a kind of shift in awareness that does not go away. It is a lasting transformation.
 ~ Kayla Yoder; Musician, Artist, Coach

"Working with Jaitara was a gift. I'm so glad I met her.  She has a deep level of intuition, truly cares and wants you to soar. Her service was excellent!

Thank you Jaitara, for your wise feminine wisdom and offerings. You are a gem. I am so glad you are in my supportive inner circle and tribe.
If you are thinking of working with Jaitara, go for it. She is a beautiful radiant person and an outstanding human being!
Many blessings" 

~ Jane Morba; Vibrant Lifestyle Coach
"My experience opened my eyes to how truly powerful I am. Not just for my own sexuality and how it can entice my partner, but also for the rest of my Being.
Jaitara, you are magnificent! 
Even if you think you know everything you need to about all subjects, Jaitara will surprise you and tell you something you don't know! With love".
~ Leanne Dorish; Registered Clinical Councelor

“Jaitara is awesome!
She is a dynamic inspirational speaker and facilitator, and uniquely entertaining. Participants love her energy as well as the awareness and transformation they receive from working with her.”
~ T. Harv Eker; Author of Best Selling Book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”
JULY 23 - 29 ~  MY GIFT TO YOU.
* We wil never send you useless emails, and we deeply honor your privacy.

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